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Updated: Google Press Conference for ChromeOS

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Last week, several technology web sites published stories that Google might be ready to release more information on their much-talked-about ChromeOS this week. We personally didn’t believe it, but it looks like we were wrong.  Network Editor, Sebastian Rupley of GigaOm, has apparently received an invitation to a press conference tomorrow (19 November) at Google’s HQ at Mountain View, California. The title of the press conference could not be any clearer: “an update on our progress with Google Chrome OS”.

Whether this actually means that Google are ready to release their code as Open Source, or simply provide an update on their progress, we cannot say. However, Google did state in their original ChromeOS announcement that they would release the code in late 2009, so we’ve got our fingers well and truly crossed. We know that products shipping with ChromeOS won’t be available until 2H 2010. ARM’s CEO, Warren East, stated that as fact at his companies Q3 earnings conference in late October this year.

What we are really hoping for is a demonstration of ChomeOS on both x86 and ARM devices, so we can gauge how fast and responsive the system is. If it is demonstrated, then we are sure there will be plenty of images and videos flying around the internet shortly after the conference.

At time of writing, ARM’s share price on the UK FTSE was up 11.03 (6.91%) to 170.73p. With no other news about ARM, we can only assume that it is because of Google’s up-and-coming press conference.

UPDATE: Google’s is providing a live  webcast of the presentation scheduled for 10am Pacific Time. It is available here.

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November 18, 2009 at 12:08 pm

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